The WOMMeN breast screening hub: it’s landed

HubAfter over a year of collecting information from women through surveys, focus groups and a private Facebook user design group (100+ service users and practitioners!) our WOMMeN hub is finally ready.

It contains all the features women told us they would want in a breast screening information and social networking space. It is intended to complement the NHS Breast Screening information which is the official documentation about the Breast Screening programme. However, WOMMeN provides an alternative approach to finding out more about breast screening by hosting a social space to chat to other women and practitioners. There are also feeds to our Twitter and Facebook pages just in case these are you preferred social media platforms.

The WOMMeN hub also provides a place for practitioners to share information and practice tips through a separate practitioner forum. We do hope you will join us and also provide feedback on how the hub can be improved.

The WOMMeN team would like to thank all the wonderful people who have worked with us over the last couple of years to ensure the site is ‘by the community for the community’.

For action: See you over there (and please share with your friends)!

Les 4

Dr Leslie Robinson, University of Salford. WOMMeN project Leader


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